Ballistic Shield - Specifications and Performance

10 out of 10 people agree. Getting shot in the face sucks! Never be in a position to get shot at.

This is the world's first weapon mounted ballistic shield. The highest grade materials are used in each component of our ballistic shield systems. Monitored under the strictest quality control and relentless testing environments we ensure mission specific parts are produced for the most demanding environments. Deploying the latest in lightweight polymers and fibers while designing lightweight aerospace material substructures has allowed us to keep a IIIA rated ballistic shield system to under 340 grams per protection unit. A complete weapon mounted ballistic shield system designed to reduce shoulder, clavicle, neck and head injury weighs in at less than 1.5 lbs.

Using the latest in ballistic material has allowed us to create a layer of protection for the men and women in police, military and combat service that has not been achievable before. Our level IIIA ballistic plates weigh in at under .75 lbs per side, offer 42 square inches of previously unprotected areas of the body per side within 60 degree angle of engagement and protect weapon vital attachments like optics and illuminators from drops and collisions. Most importantly, what was typically the most vulnerable and least protected parts of the human body are now shielded from the most common ballistic projectiles. 

What flavors do we offer?

Our shields are offered in 3 distinct finished products. Raw unpainted for you to coat in your mission specific choice. Cordura Nylon Black for low sporadic use yet durable and use indicated. Anti Spall Line-X rugged for daily use in the most demanding environments.