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Our shields are test against NIJ level IIIA and Level III Ballistics. Our shields are designed to help protect the face, neck and upper body from direct hits. Spalling, fragmentation and secondary ballistics can still occur causing injury and or death. Our shields are designed to work in tandem with a complete ballistic protection solution such as a full size vest to protect against spalling, fragmentation and secondary ballistics. 

Rule #1   Don't get shot at.

Rule #2   No ballistic barrier will stop all ballistic threats.

Rule #3   See the first two rules.

Due to the wide range of lethal situations, angles, projectiles and chance we do not in any way warranty this product nor do we guarantee this will stop a ballistic projectiles of any size or velocity. Use at your own risk. 

Shields should be replaced immediately or ASAP once struck by a ballistic projectile, fragmentation, secondary ballistics or show any sign of bending, bulging or fraying. Never reuse a shield or bracket that has been exposed to abuse or ballistic object. Always use a thread locking agent when installing and regularly check for fit and screw tightness. 

We only offer our ballistic shield solutions to law abiding citizens in states that allow the purchasing of ballistic protection. We reserve the right to refuse a sale or shipment for any reason. 

All applicable laws are observed and followed.